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Adaptiiv's solution provides a competitive advantage for clinics around the world by improving the clinical treatment process and increasing the accuracy. Speak to Adaptiiv about a press kit and patient information materials.

Radiation Oncologist

With Adaptiiv's technology solution, you'll be able to offer treatment to even the most difficult patient cases.

  1. Improve the accuracy of dose delivery to the treatment area
  2. Achieve a more consistent placement of bolus between fractions while improving the patient experience
  3. Increase throughput and capacity by reducing set-up times
Professional Role A
Professional Role B

Medical Physicist

Advanced software accurately modulates the bolus based on the Planning Target Volume and creates a single device for the entire treatment regimen.

  1. Design digital bolus or applicator objects that are importable into you planning system and 3D printable at high accuracy
  2. Improve fit of both bolus and brachytherapy applicators
  3. Gain the advantage of modulating electron beams to tailor the dose distribution

Radiation Therapist/

Design, print, and fit patient devices that provides more accurate results while eliminating manual fabrication methods and decreasing set-up time.

  1. Eliminate the need to manually fabricate wax, vinyl gel sheet or thermoplastic boluses and secure them with tape
  2. Reduce patient set-up time both in the CT simulation and on the treatment unit
  3. Introduce the option of adapting the bolus during treatment course
Professional Role C
Professional Role B


Quicker invoicing is no longer a thing of the future.

  1. Design patient specific devices that meet the requirements for existing billing codes
  2. Increase efficiency by deploying streamlined software
  3. Eliminate manual fabrications methods that occupy valuable human, space and capital resources