Modulated Electron Bolus

MERT dose distributions conform to irregular distal PTV surfaces

Our Modulated Electron Bolus (MEB) software module automates the design of patient-specific and plan-specific modulated thickness bolus that can be 3D printed. Deliver modulated electron radiation therapy (MERT) dose distributions that provide superior sparing of healthy tissues and distal OARs compared to uniform thickness bolus.

Key Benefits

Integration with clinical workflows enables users to design customize modulated thickness bolus on demand. We provide the only turnkey commercial solution to produce MEB in-house for use with MERT.

    • Automated modulated bolus thickness optimization and fabrication. It only takes a few minutes in Adaptiiv software to determine optimal shape while 3D printing can be done in a matter of hours, producing a bolus with spatial accuracy on the order of 1 mm.
        • In one case, MEB design time was reduced from 30+ hours of manual tuning within the TPS to under 2 minutes with our MEB solution.
    • MEB plans created in our software demonstrate superior sparing of healthy tissues and distal OARs compared to photon IMRT delivery, i.e. VMAT.
    • Our patented hotspot correction algorithm allows users to determine the appropriate balance of dose homogeneity versus conformity. No other commercial solution provides this capability.
    • The only regulated solution that allows users to customize a bolus, export the modified structure back into their TPS, and use the TPS to calculate dose.
    • Eliminate the need for multiple, 3rd party software solutions that require excessive design time and do not have regulatory clearance.
    • Confidence that what is planned in the TPS will result in a printed accessory that follows strict QA requirements used in radiation therapy.
    • 3D printed bolus improves the integrity of the bolus (compared to wax), reproducibility of patient setup, and enhances clinical precision through a better fit to the patient surface.

Figure A. Patient with mycosis fungoides of the forehead, eyelid, and nose. Standard bolus provides coverage of the PTV, however, a high dose to underlying OARs and healthy tissue is evident.

Figure B. Adaptiivs MEB is customized, changing the surface shape to allow for tailoring of dose distribution.

3D Printed Moulds

We now offer an innovative and superior method to create flexible, patient-specific bolus. By listening to customer feedback, we developed a solution that allows users to easily create moulds that can be 3D printed and filled with flexible material to produce patient-specific bolus.

Learn more about this regulatory cleared process.

Step One


Create a plan + bolus in the TPS

Step Two


Modify the bolus in Adaptiiv software

Step Three


Verify the bolus in the TPS

Step Four


Hotspot correction, if necessary

Step Five


Verify the bolus in the TPS again

Step Six


Create an STL file in Adaptiiv software

Step Seven


Print the bolus

What People Are Saying

Happy Customers

Adaptiiv has enabled us to confidently tackle situations where we would normally struggle to apply bolus. The benefit has already been seen in reduced setup times, improved patient comfort and reproducibility. The ability to print the precise bolus required for electrons or photons is a powerful tool in an RT department.

Ciaran Malone

Medical Physicist

Saint Luke's Radiation Oncology Network, Dublin, Ireland

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