TrueFlex Bolus

A patient-specific, soft and flexible silicone bolus for EBRT

Adaptiiv’s 3D Bolus software generates a mould, based on a bolus structure imported from the TPS, that is 3D printed using HP MJF printing technology and filled with silicone. Each TrueFlex bolus is quality assured by HP to ensure it passes minimum tolerance criteria required to provide optimal treatment.

TrueFlex bolus can be ordered through Adaptiiv On Demand using either the Simple Bolus or Modulated Electron Bolus software modules.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Dada Orbović.

Key Benefits

A patient-specific, soft and flexible bolus used in EBRT that improves patient comfort, minimizes air gaps, overcomes the skin-sparing effects inherent to high energy photons and electrons, and adapts to minor changes in the patient's surface anatomy.

Clinical Precision

Algorithms automatically generate a customized design that reduces air gaps, allowing precise dose distribution to the target area while sparing healthy tissues.

Financially Viable

Adaptiiv On Demand is a pay-per-use service with no upfront costs or budget requirement. CPT reimbursement is available.

Operational Efficiency

Adaptiiv software can generate a customized bolus mould in a few minutes. The customized design of the bolus allows for faster patient setup and an overall reduction in treatment unit time.

Access to Personalized Care

TrueFlex bolus improves patient comfort and is beneficial for complex anatomies and post-surgical sites that require a personalized fit that easily conforms to irregular surface areas.



Create a plan in the TPS



Customize the design in 3D Bolus software



Verify the customized bolus in the TPS



Place order through Adaptiiv On Demand

What People Are Saying

Happy Customers

The benefit of using the 3D printed bolus is the reduction of air gaps during treatment as well as designing a non-uniform bolus to shape the treatment dose. Therapists have given positive feedback on the 3D prints. The customized bolus improves patient comfort and ease of setup for treatment.

Kelly Hosier

Lead Medical Physicist

Sutter Health

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