Adaptiiv On Demand

Low-risk access to personalized 3D printed accessories

Adaptiiv On Demand* is an FDA 510(k) cleared service that allows clinical teams to customize patient-specific radiotherapy (RT) accessories that are 3D printed.

Each accessory is manufactured using advanced 3D printing technology and efficiently shipped directly to the clinic so patients can receive personalized care on time and as planned.

*Now available in North America. Please contact us for more details.

Why Adaptiiv On Demand?

Pay as you go. No upfront financial commitment or budget requirement.

With the click of a button, each accessory is printed using leading 3D printing technology.

Personalized Treatment

Customized accessories for patients, created by your clinical team.

Clinical Precision

Accessories have superior spatial fidelity, physical density, and consistency.

Materials & Printers

Accessories are printed using advanced materials and 3D printing technologies.

Operational Efficiency

Simple and repeatable setup saves time so clinical teams can efficiently treat patients.

EBRT Bolus 3D Printed Using MJF Technology


TrueFit and TrueFlex bolus are produced using MJF printing technology, a reliable and streamlined 3D printing solution with enhanced manufacturing predictability.

HDR Surface Brachytherapy Applicators 3D Printed Using SLA Technology

Advanced 3D printers designed for healthcare

Nova surface applicators are produced using SLA printing technology, specifically designed for healthcare to produce high-fidelity rigid parts that meet clinical requirements.