Compatible 3D Printers and Materials

Compatible and validated

Our regulatory cleared software has been validated for use with various 3D printers and materials.

We have spent over 10,000 hours establishing printer and material compatibility via a rigorous process validation procedure within Adaptiiv’s Quality Management System.

Formlabs - Form 3B Series Printers

Advanced Desktop 3D Printers Designed for Healthcare

The Form 3B series are advanced 3D printers that can rapidly print at the point of care, delivering high-fidelity parts that meet clinical requirements.

Patient-specific HDR surface brachytherapy applicators designed using Adaptiiv’s proprietary software are printed using clear resin on the Form 3B series of 3D printers, enabling your team to deliver precise treatment and personalized healthcare.

From First Print to Standard of Care

With a compact footprint, the Form 3B provides a reliable ecosystem that takes the guesswork out of applicator fabrication and creates more efficient workflows.

Patient-Specific Fit

Produce applicators with a high degree of accuracy that can adapt to accommodate anatomical change over the course of treatment.


Create patient-specific applicators that significantly reduce air gaps, spare healthy tissues, and provide superior dose distribution.

Advanced Materials

Resins are manufactured in an ISO 13485 facility and are compatible with common solvent disinfection and sterilization methods.

In-House Production

The Form 3B series printers provide practitioners with the ability to produce brachy applicators in-house with their existing medical team.

Formlabs Clear Resin

Transparent and Rigid

Formlabs Clear Resin is a rigid material that polishes to near optical transparency with a smooth surface finish and high resolution, making it ideal for showcasing internal features such as brachytherapy tunnels.

Clear Resin is manufactured in Formlabs’ ISO 13485 certified facility.