HDR Surface Brachytherapy

A superior tool for optimizing and delivering prescribed dose

Our HDR Surface Brachytherapy software module allows users to automatically design a patient-specific applicator and 3D print it, resulting in customizable catheter trajectories that are specific to the patient’s anatomy and treatment plan with constant, user-defined stand-off and separation distances.

Key Benefits

The only regulated solution that allows users to customize an applicator and make it patient-specific. Seamlessly import the custom design back into the brachytherapy TPS to conduct dose validation.

    • Quickly and confidently create patient-specific applicators using tools which allow superior planning and delivery of the prescribed dose to patients while sparing OARs.
    • Eliminate the need for multiple versions of open-source software that require excessive design time and produce an applicator that cannot be easily verified in the TPS.
    • Software optimization eliminates time-consuming and labor-intensive manual fabrication methods, replacing the need for expensive applicators.
    • Improved patient experience due to a simplified, faster set up during CT simulation and treatment.
    • Applicators are durable and easy to reproduce while improving efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety.
    • Adaptiiv software includes numerous post-processing features such as:
        • 3D viewing of the PTV and OARs (or other underlying structures) when planning and creating custom tunnels.
        • Softening of entrance/exit points for easier catheter placement.
        • Better tunnel positioning on highly curved surfaces or complex anatomies, such as the scalp.
        • Stopping a tunnel midway through a trajectory.
        • Tunnel numbering.
Brachy Nose

Complex iterations to applicator design can be achieved through point and click capabilities.

Brachy PTV Nose

A 3D view of the brachytherapy applicator, PTV (in red), and underlying structures.

Step One

Step 1

Create an applicator in the TPS

Step Two


Customize the applicator in Adaptiiv software

Step Three


Print the applicator

Step Four

External Beam Radiation Therapy

Scan the patient with the applicator

Step Five

Step 1

Create a plan in the Brachytherapy TPS and reconstruct the tunnels

What People Are Saying

Happy Customers

The limitations of using wax are even worse in brachytherapy cases due to the added complexity of embedding the catheters. Because of the opacity of wax, it can be difficult to verify both the distance from the surface and the spacing between catheters. Fabrication is extremely time consuming and can be done only by the most experienced staff. The Adaptiiv solution addresses all of these problems and will increase our capacity to use surface brachytherapy. At present, this is the only commercially available solution.

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