3D Printed Moulds

An innovative and superior method to create highly flexible, patient-specific bolus

For many applications, a rigid 3D printed bolus is effective and well tolerated by the patient. However, some clinical scenarios may benefit from a soft, highly flexible patient specific bolus. We have listened to valuable customer input and created a new technology that allows users to easily create moulds that can be 3D printed and filled with flexible material to produce patient-specific bolus.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Dada Orbović.

Key Benefits

    • Allows the use of flexible materials, such as skin-safe silicone.
    • Introduces a regulatory cleared process to create and produce flexible bolus with high accuracy.
    • Preserves the superior patient fit provided by rigid 3D printed bolus compared to traditional methods – but offers the comfort and pliability of a soft material.
    • Allows use of a bolus that copes with minor patient motion or changes between treatment fractions.
    • Provides a solution particularly useful for head and neck or skin cases, or other complex anatomies requiring custom fit bolus.

Traditional sheet bolus used on curved surfaces, such as a breast, can result in poor conformity and resultant air gaps.

Flexible, patient-specific bolus provides superior fit and adheres to the surface shape of complex anatomies, such as a breast.

Workflow - 3D Printed Moulds

Step One


Create a plan in the TPS

Step Two


Generate a bolus in Adaptiiv software

Step Three


Generate a mould in Adaptiiv software

Step Four


Verify the soft bolus in the TPS

Step Five


Export mould STL

Step Six


Print the mould

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We're Here For You

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What People Are Saying

Happy Customers

We 3D printed, then scanned the bolus on the patient. The bolus fit very well and the dosimetry was excellent, especially with regard to 90% dose conformity. All are pleased, including our Radiation Oncologist, Medical Physicist and Radiation Therapists involved. A plan like this wouldn’t be possible any other way.

Nova Scotia Health

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada