Adaptiiv Vision RT Compatibility Statement

Vision RT Compatibility Statement

  • Vision RT is unable to comment on, nor make claims, about the dosimetric properties or clinical effectiveness of the bolus itself or patient alignment reproducibility when using the bolus.
  • Compatibility is subject to users following Adaptiiv guidelines for usage of this bolus with Vision RT’s SGRT system, and subject to users following Vision RT’s guidelines for drawing Regions of Interest for use in Breast treatments.
  • The bolus vendor is responsible for ensuring that users are in receipt of guidelines for using bolus in conjunction with Vision RT’s SGRT system. Vision RT is not liable for misuse of bolus.
  • Vision RT makes no comment on, and is not liable for, suitability or otherwise usage of bolus for Breast or any other procedure.
  • Purchasers are responsible for making their own choices as to the bolus selected by them.

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