3D Brachy Software Release v2023.1.0

HALIFAX, NS, June 22, 2023

To continue providing our customers with the a best-in-class 3D printing software solution for use in radiation oncology, we have recently updated our 3D Brachy software platform with new features that will enhance clinical precision, improve operational efficiency, provide financial benefits, and most importantly, improve the patient journey.

Here are highlights of the new features included in 3D Brachy v2023.1.0:

    • Compatibility with the Varian BRAVOS™ afterloader system.
    • Ability to order directly via Adaptiiv On Demand.
    • A new and improved trajectory planning process.
    • RT equipment, printer, and material configurations.
    • Tunnel labelling changes.
    • Applicator design summary.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

This update to 3D Brachy software is another step forward in enabling clinicians with the ability to provide the highest standard of personalized patient care. To learn more about the latest software update, please click here.