Customer Spotlights

Customer Spotlights

Explore the following profiles of Adaptiiv customers as they share their experiences about the implementation and clinical use of our 3D printing software solution for RT.

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Customer Spotlights

Nova Scotia Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

We 3D printed, then scanned the bolus on the patient. The bolus fit very well and the dosimetry was excellent, especially with regard to 90% dose conformity. A plan like this wouldn’t be possible any other way.

Radiation Oncology Network

St. Luke's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Adaptiiv has enabled us to confidently tackle situations where we would normally struggle to apply bolus. The benefit has already been seen in reduced setup times, improved patient comfort and reproducibility.

The University of Chicago, New Lenox, IL, USA

The Adaptiiv software solution was used to design a patient-specific bolus with superior fit compared to wax bolus. The size of the largest air gap at the interface of the 3D printed bolus was 2mm.