Adaptiiv On Demand: Nova Surface Brachytherapy Applicator for the Hand

Freeman Health System Patient Case Study


Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc. (Adaptiiv) empowers cancer centers with regulatory-cleared software for designing and 3D printing patient-specific radiotherapy accessories.

This case study provides a compelling demonstration of Adaptiiv’s software in clinical radiation oncology. It highlights the software’s ability to effectively manage complex anatomical challenges, particularly in developing a patient specific hand applicator.

Freeman Health Systems


Using Adaptiiv software, the team at Freeman Health System was able to customize not only the transfer tube location and orientation on this hand Nova Surface Applicator, but also embed a groove for an edge detector.

Figure 1. Nova Surface Brachytherapy Applicator

Clinical & Operational Benefits

  • Custom tunnel placement and dosimeter pocket
  • Smooth, transparent, professional-looking applicator    
  • Adaptiiv On Demand removes messy, time-consuming applicator creation