External Beam Radiation Therapy

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External Beam Radiation Therapy


External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) directs a beam of radiation from outside the body at cancerous tissues inside the body. It is a cancer treatment option that uses doses of radiation to destroy cancerous cells and shrink tumors, helping reduce the risk of side effects associated with traditional radiation treatment.

Adaptiiv combines 3D printing and its RT software platform as a solution to design and create patient-specific bolus for photon or electron treatment, improving accuracy and the overall patient experience.

Some forms of EBRT, such as modulated electron radiation therapy (MERT), target a tumor with higher, more precise doses of radiation and demonstrate superior sparing of healthy tissues and distal OARs, while significantly reducing hot spots.

Adaptiiv's regulatory cleared software solution can be used to design and create custom 3D printed bolus for use with photon or electron EBRT treatments: