Medical Device Reimbursement Guidance and 2021 Proposed Rule Coding Impact

Legion Healthcare Partners has developed a comprehensive suite of hospital products and services aimed at optimizing billing and coding, standardizing operations, enhancing budgeting and forecasting, improving the patient experience and maximizing revenue. In this webinar, Jordan Johnson from Legion HP will discuss the latest considerations with medical device reimbursement in the United States, and outline how your cancer center can benefit and realize tangible ROI.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

CPT (Complex Treatment Device) billing codes you need to know.

    • How to take your organization from a cost center to a profit center with reimbursement opportunities.

When to bill for complex devices, special dosimetry or special physics consults.

    • Helping you avoid the guesswork of whether a 3D printed bolus can be billed or not.

Tips for improving clinical efficiencies via value-based care.

    • In addition to potential billing opportunities, get first-hand knowledge on adding operational value to your hospital.