Lehigh Valley Health Network: External Beam Electron Treatment with 3D Printed Modulated and Simple Bolus

This patient case demonstrates the clinical application of Adaptiiv’s technology used in radiation oncology through the design and fabrication of both modulated and uniform thickness (simple) bolus.

This case is a great example of how Adaptiiv’s software can be effectively used for unique external beam electron treatments to significantly improve a patient’s treatment plan through accurate dose delivery, better target conformity and PTV coverage while reducing dose spill, hot spots, and air gaps.

The modulated electron bolus plan used for treatment is seen here. Improved conformity and reduced dose spill can be observed. Dose in the bolus is non-consequential.

The uniform thickness bolus plan used for treatment is seen here. Better PTV conformity along with a reduction of hot spots and overlap doses are achieved in both treated plans.