Indiana University Health: Modulated Electron Bolus - Leg

This patient case demonstrates the clinical application of Adaptiiv’s technology used in radiation oncology through custom 3D modulated electron bolus creation. This case is a great example of how Adaptiiv’s software can be effectively used to create electron plans that conform to the target volume and provide superior sparing of surrounding normal tissue compared to conventional techniques.

When the modulated electron bolus was used, target coverage was improved most at the edges of the target where the patient’s leg obliquity prevented adequate dose coverage with the uniform bolus. In the modulated plan, as seen above, 92.8% of the target volume received the prescription vs. 87.1% in the uniform thickness bolus plan.

Normal tissue at a depth of 1 cm beyond the target volume was better spared with the modulated electron bolus, as seen above, compared to uniform thickness bolus. The volume of tissue at this depth receiving 50% of the prescription was decreased from 90 cc with the uniform thickness bolus to 15 cc with the modulated electron bolus.