Improving RT Treatment with 3D Printed Bolus

In this webinar, Adaptiiv Medical Physicist, Borko Basaric explains how RT treatment can be improved through the use of patient-specific 3D printed bolus created in Adaptiiv’s software solution.

Adaptiiv’s Simple Bolus module provides the following advantages compared to using traditional sheet bolus (i.e. Superflab):

Create patient-specific accessories that maximize fit and minimize underdosage compared to sheet bolus.

    • Boluses can be a challenging aspect of delivering radiation treatment, as sheet bolus does not conform well to patient anatomies.
    • Eliminate the potential for underdosage caused by air gaps compared to sheet bolus.

Seamless integration into the clinical workflow allows users to reduce risk.

    • A fully integrated and validated end-to-end solution where users can customize a bolus directly in Adaptiiv software and export the structure back to the TPS for dose and plan verification.

Improve accuracy and precision of treatment.

    • Quickly and confidently create patient-specific accessories that provide superior dose distribution compared to traditional methods.