Design, Production and Evaluation of Personalized 3D Printed IC Brachytherapy Applicators

Intracavitary (IC) brachytherapy modality has been traditionally offering a vast number of commercially available generic applicators, i.e. one-size-fits-all-patients, thus there has been very little or no opportunity to customize shape, size and direction of source trajectory paths in respect to a specific patient anatomy.

Therefore, we have introduced a novel software tool for designing personalized IC and IC/IS brachytherapy applicators, compatible with 3D printing technology and RT equipment.

The purpose of this study is:

  1. To design software with the following features:
      • Importing of applicator contours from TPS via DICOM RT Structure Set file and displaying them over CT/MRI images.
      • Importing of optimized source-trajectory paths from TPS via DICOM RT Plan file and subtracting catheter/needle tunnels from the applicator employing user-defined diameters.
      • Rendering and exporting of an STL file of the modified applicator compatible with 3D printing technology.
      • Designing and exporting of DICOM RT structure set containing the modified applicator which can be imported back to TPS for commissioning and QA purposes.
  2. To 3D print and evaluate the spatial fidelity of the applicator in respect to the corresponding STL and RT structure and to inspect HU homogeneity and mass density of printed samples.