Advancing Radiation Therapy with 3D Printed Bolus: An Oncologist Perspective

Dr Lara Best Oncologist Perspective

Join us as Dr. Lara Best explores the benefits of personalized medicine and the transformative impact of 3D printed bolus. Illustrated through patient case studies, she will review when and why she uses 3D printing technology in her practice.

Dr Lara Best

Speaker Profile

Dr. Lara Best, MD FRCPC 

Dr. Best is a Radiation Oncologist at Nova Scotia Health and an Associate Professor & Program Director at Dalhousie University. With over ten years’ experience, her focus is on providing quality patient care through modern radiation oncology techniques while using evidence-based medicine practices in the most efficient way possible. Highlights of her experience include skin cancer and 3D-printed bolus, stereotactic treatment (body and CNS), resident education and participation in regional, national and international committees.