A Comparison of Brachytherapy Applicator Fabrication Methods: Handmade vs. 3D Printed

In this webinar, Shauna Nic A Bhaird, Senior Clinical Scientist from The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (Liverpool, UK), presents her research on the comparison of fabrication methods for brachytherapy skin applicators – handmade vs. digitally designed & 3D printed.

Adaptiiv’s advanced software solution allows users to digitally design and 3D print radiation therapy accessories, such as brachytherapy applicators. Advantages of this approach are:

Save time and improve treatment by creating patient-specific applicators with better geometrical accuracy compared to manual fabrication methods.

    • Quickly and confidently create custom-fit applicators that provide superior dose distribution compared to manual methods.

Seamless integration into clinical workflows.

    • An integrated solution where users can customize an applicator directly in the software and export the structure back to the clinically commissioned TPS for dose and plan verification.

Improve patient comfort and experience.

    • Digitally designed, 3D printed brachytherapy applicators are professional and less cumbersome than handmade applicators, thereby improving patient comfort and their overall experience.