Royal North Shore Hospital Becomes an Adaptiiv Customer

HALIFAX, NS, June 2, 2019

Adaptiiv adds leading Australian treatment center to its customer base

In conjunction with valued Australian distribution partner, NL-Tec, Adaptiiv is pleased to announce that Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) will begin using all three modules of its advanced 3D printing software solution to treat patients in the radiotherapy unit RNSH’s Northern Sydney Cancer Centre.

Leading Centre in Australia Adopts Adaptiiv Solution
As a leading treatment center in Australia, RNSH’s Northern Sydney Cancer Centre plans and delivers high quality radiation therapy treatment for cancer patients.

Increasing Clinical Adoption
“We are delighted to make this announcement,” says Adaptiiv CEO, Peter Hickey. “Through the efforts of our trusted partners, NL-Tec and the team at RNSH, we are continuing to increase the clinical adoption of our solution and make significant strides in the battle against cancer.”

Key Benefits of the Adaptiiv Solution
Now that 3D printing is becoming widely adopted and clinically accepted, Adaptiiv’s solution allows clinics to 3D print patient-specific accessories for use in radiation therapy. Printed RT accessories conform to the patient’s anatomy to reduce air gaps, spare healthy tissues (OARs), improve dose delivery, and most importantly, improve patient experience.

Patients are more comfortable throughout the treatment period and because the software fully integrates with a cancer center’s treatment planning system, set-up and production times are drastically reduced.

About Adaptiiv
Adaptiiv is shaping the future of patient-specific healthcare through innovation and collaboration with leading cancer centers throughout the world. As 3D printing becomes widely adopted and clinically accepted, its software solution allows clinics to 3D print patient-specific accessories for use in radiation therapy.

Adaptiiv is the world’s first company to receive U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance to market 3D printing software intended for use in radiation oncology, is ISO 13485 certified, has TGA (Australia) approval, and has received a CE Mark.

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