Leading Cancer Centers Continue to Adopt Adaptiiv’s 3D Printing Software Solution

HALIFAX, NS, June 4, 2020

Adaptiiv continues to grow customer base despite challenging market

Adaptiiv is heartened by the continued adoption of the company’s 3D printing software solution by leading centers across the globe. 3D printing has shown to deliver a better patient experience and improved treatment.

Despite challenging conditions currently facing many industries, including healthcare, Adaptiiv is pleased to announce the addition of several customers who have recently adopted the company’s solution and salute their dedication to improved care:

    • Banner MD Anderson (USA) and Scripps MD Anderson (USA) have adopted Adaptiiv’s solution, representing their ongoing commitment to using the latest technologies to provide patient-specific treatment.

    • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (USA) continues to advance their position at the forefront of treatment innovation by using the Adaptiiv solution.

    • Poudre Valley Hospital (USA) has expanded their existing line of advanced technologies with the implementation of Adaptiiv’s turnkey solution.

    • Sutter Medical Center (USA) has purchased Adaptiiv’s in-house solution to complement their continued efforts to provide the best available care and comfort for their patients.

    • Clinique des Grangettes (Switzerland) has become the first cancer center in Switzerland to use Adaptiiv, demonstrating their commitment to innovative excellence.

Adaptiiv is excited to begin working with these clients who will use their 3D printing software solution to design and create patient-specific accessories directly onsite. The ability to create custom accessories quickly and accurately improves both treatment delivery and the patient experience.

“Regardless of the current market, improving cancer treatment continues to be a priority. Our clients represent cancer centers in 14 different countries. These are leaders in their respective markets and beyond. Our new customer additions along with a strong pipeline of opportunities demonstrates that the market continues to embrace the improvements made possible with our 3D printing solution,” says Adaptiiv CEO, Peter Hickey.

Adaptiiv provides clinicians with a turnkey, in-house, regulatory cleared solution that enables the creation of patient-specific RT accessories. 3D printers and filament materials have been fully validated for use with Adaptiiv’s solution and direct integration with the clinically commissioned TPS allows users to design a custom RT accessory in Adaptiiv’s software and export the structure directly back to the TPS for dose and plan verification – this allows users to reduce any risk of not delivering the precise plan that was designed for the patient.

About Adaptiiv
Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc. is shaping the future of patient-specific healthcare through innovation and collaboration with industry leaders throughout the world. With FDA 510(k) clearance and a CE Mark, Adaptiiv offers a regulated, in-house software solution that has been fully validated to create custom 3D printed radiotherapy accessories. The company’s solution is currently used in a clinical setting by clients in 14 countries.

Media Contact:
Rohit Seth
Director, Marketing