3D Bolus Inc. rebrands as Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc.

HALIFAX, NS April 2, 2018

3D Bolus announces rebrand to Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc.

From the moment we were founded, we had big aspirations in mind – to be the definitive technology platform that could create transformational solutions and deliver life-changing outcomes for patients all over the world. The name 3D Bolus initially encapsulated everything we were at the very beginning. Boluses have long been a weak link in radiation treatment and despite the ingenious work arounds created by Radiation Therapists, Dosimetrists, Medical Physicists and Oncologists, standard boluses continue to have air gaps, leading to underdosage for the patient.

We set out to be the first to develop world-class software that could create patient-specific boluses printed directly from a 3D printer. Our state of the art solution streamlines and integrates directly with a center’s current workflow, giving control back into the hands of health professionals. Yet, with a pipeline of products that included low-density breast immobilizers, new brachytherapy products, specialty filaments for healthcare, we needed a name and a brand that embodied our future and not our present.

After careful thought and extensive internal debates, I am thrilled to announce that 3D Bolus is now Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc. This new brand is a step towards our vision of becoming the most progressive healthcare technology company in the world, pioneering the use of additive manufacturing to bring forth the digital democratization of personalized care. An evolution of the word “adaptive,” our name represents the power of adaptive manufacturing, our desire and need to never settle, and our patient-first mentality. The logo harkens back to where we came from, reflecting our history with boluses and serving as a constant reminder to never stop innovating.

As we move forward, we’ll continue to make every decision and every product we launch as a step forward in our relentless pursuit of bettering patient outcomes through creativity, efficiency, and ingenuity.

Peter Hickey – CEO 3D Bolus