Uniform Thickness Bolus Software Demonstration


Uniform Thickness (Simple) Bolus Software Demonstration

Adaptiiv provides a regulated 3D printing solution that is fully validated for use in radiation oncology. Our solution eliminates the guesswork in plan verification because it integrates directly with the clinically commissioned TPS and allows users to verify their plan against the patient-specific bolus prior to printing.

View a demonstration of our Uniform Thickness (Simple) Bolus module below:

Click the links below to view/download Adaptiiv's Uniform Thickness (Simple) Bolus resources:

  • Key Benefits: Simple Bolus Module
  • Patient Case Study: Comparing 3D Printed Bolus Versus Standard Vinyl Gel Sheet Bolus for Postmastectomy Chest Wall Radiation Therapy
  • Patient Case Study: Creation of 3D Printed Bolus for Complex Cases
  • Patient Case Study: Clinical Application of 3D Printing to Treat Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Patient Case Study: Lymphoma Requiring Full Leg Wrap Bolus

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