Our patients' stories

Adaptiiv's solution is dedicated to the personalization of healthcare by enabling the creation of medical devices which deliver more precise treatments while significantly improving patient outcomes and putting control back in the hands of the patients. We have listed some of our patient stories. To share yours please contact us we would like to share your story.

Uniform Thickness Bolus

This is Marie's story

At 55, Marie* was undergoing post-mastectomy radiation therapy. Her treatment course required the creation of a large bolus that was placed on her chest wall during treatments. The bolus was critical in ensuring the surface of the chest wall received an adequate dose to her skin, lowering her chances of recurrence. Using conventional bolus such as Superflab, often creates air gaps, resulting in an underdose to the skin. Often, tape and rolled sheets are used to fit conventional bolus to the contour of the patient.

Instead, Marie's bolus was created within Adaptiiv's 3D bolus software using information from her personal CT scans. The customized, reusable bolus matched perfectly to her body contour, resulting in less time spent in the treatment room, better patient comfort and more accurate treatments.

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Uniform Thickness Bolus

Learn about Jim's story

Jim* was 68 when he received radiation to his nose. Years prior to this, he had been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal septum and received two surgeries which had left him at high risk for recurrence. Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin can grow rapidly or spread to other parts of the body, if untreated.

To deliver the desired dose of radiation needed across the treatment area, bolus needed to be placed within the nose. Conventional bolus normally consists of wax or wet gauze being placed up the patient's nose every day during treatment but setup can be inconsistent on a day-to-day basis and air gaps can occur, resulting in an underdose in the treatment area.

When Jim's CT scan was imported into Adaptiiv's system, a bolus was created before he even arrived for treatment. The bolus was inserted with ease into the nasal cavity, reducing time in the treatment room and increasing the accuracy of the treatment.

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Justin's Story

Modulated Electron Bolus

A 7 year old took on Rhabdomyosarcoma

At just 7 years old, Rachel* was diagnosed with pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma which is the most common soft-tissue sarcoma in childhood. Receiving radiation at a young age can lead to long-term side effects, so sparing of her normal tissues while still providing high doses to the tumour was particularly critical. Her CT scan showed her tumor was close to her kidney and spine and a standard bolus of uniform thickness would deliver too much radiation to these underlying healthy tissues. By using Adaptiiv's Modulated Electron Bolus instead, the radiation was modulated by the custom-made bolus to deposit the highest dose to the Planned Target Volume (PTV) and spare underlying critical structures.

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Electron Bolus

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*Patient names have been changed to protect their anonymity