Adaptiiv Completes Validation of Cheetah™ 3D Printing Filament

Adaptiiv is pleased to announce the validation of Cheetah™ flexible filament (TPU) for use with our software on the Airwolf 3D Axiom 20 printer. Click here to view Cheetah™ Filament Release. Click here to view 3D Printing Materials Validated by Adaptiiv. See below for more information.

Design and production of 3D printed bolus for electron radiation therapy

Electron beams provide distinct advantages in the treatment of superficial tumours due to their rapid dose fall-off and resulting capacity to spare normal tissues distal to the target volume.  However, conventionally it has been difficult to achieve a conformal high dose region to the target volume.  3D printed electron SMART Bolus has solved this problem, […]