Announcing the release of Adaptiiv’s 3D Bolus software v3.0!

In an ongoing effort to provide our customers with the most advanced 3D printing software solution for use in radiation oncology, we have been gathering your feedback on how to enhance our offerings. We are excited to unveil the new developments we have been working on as the direct result of our customers’ feedback.

Here are highlights of the new features included in v3.0:

3D Printed Moulds

  • This feature allows users to easily create moulds that can be 3D printed and filled with flexible material, such as skin-safe silicone, to produce patient-specific bolus.
  • Click here for more about this new feature and to download a Key Benefits brochure.

Brachytherapy 3D Structure Visualization

  • 3D viewing of the PTV and OARs (or other structures) when planning and creating custom brachytherapy tunnels.
  • Click here for more about this new feature and to download a Resource Package, including a patient case study using the Adaptiiv software solution.

Enhancements to Brachytherapy Tunnel Generation

  • Numerous enhancements made to the generation of brachytherapy tunnels such as: softening of entrance/exit points for easier catheter placement, stopping a tunnel midway through a trajectory, better tunnel positioning on highly curved surfaces, and numbering of tunnels.

Functional Enhancements

  • Intelligent prompts that reduce the potential of user error.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

To download v3.0 of our software, please click here.

To read v3.0 Release Notes, please click here.